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Trovio Group

Trovio Asset Management is a portfolio company of Trovio Group. Trovio Group is a diversified business operating at the intersection of the digital and traditional economy. Across the business portfolio we have asset management and fund services, alongside technology and digital registry solutions for our partners and clients.


Jonny Caldwell

Head of Distribution & Sales

Far too often, we are guilty of refreshing our infrastructure rather than reimagining it. At Trovio, we see a future where all assets and data are owned and monetised by the institutions or the individuals they emerged from, where decentralisation and digitisation are core components of commerce, with boundless opportunities for the brave.


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Bringing Traditional Finance Expertise to the Future Economy

Innovative Solutions for the Changing Investment Landscape 

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Our team continues to work closely with global regulators and central banks, providing guidance and support as they shape the emerging economy. 

A Focus on Regulation

Trovio Asset Management has an experienced multi-asset team with a long history in managing multi-billion dollar portfolios. With a proven track record of building high-quality returns.

The Team

Strong long-term preferential relationships with top-tier service providers across traditional and digital assets. Providing investors with safe and secure access to unique products and solutions. 

Institutional Infrastructure

Providing market-leading institutional investment infrastructure across our asset management business. Trusted by family offices, high net worth investors and institutional asset managers alike.

Secure and Trusted

Our Team 

Over two decades of multi asset traditional finance experience from Tier 1 financial institutions combined with over 6 years running digital asset products

Working across family offices, high net worth and institutional clients in providing best-in-class asset management products generating high quality returns 

Our Clientele

Founded in 2017, Trovio Asset Management sits at the intersection of traditional finance and the emerging digital asset ecosystem. With deep-rooted expertise in best practices from traditional finance, we've become a trusted partner, helping clients access new streams of investment returns in a safe, transparent, and controlled manner. 


Welcome to Trovio Asset Management

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