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Wholesale Client

To qualify as a wholesale investor, you must meet one of the three tests below meet one of the three tests below:

Investment Size Test

If you are investing AUD $500,000 or more, you are automatically deemed a Wholesale Client and no additional documentation is required.

Personal Wealth Test

A qualified accountant’s letter (dated within the last 2 years) certifying that you have either of the following: 
Net assets of at least AUD $2.5 million (including the net assets of any company or trust controlled by the investor)


Gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least AUD $250,000 (including the gross income of any company or trust controlled by the investor).

Professional Investor Test

A statutory declaration that the investor holds an Australian financial services licence or is a ‘professional investor’ as defined in the Corporations Act. Professional investors may include APRA regulated bodies, AFS license holders, listed companies, or a person or entity who controls AUD $10 million or more.

Wholesale investor regulations change from time to time and you may be required to submit appropriate documentation in order to meet ASIC’s Wholesale Client regulations

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